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"It's time to get serious because every tonne of CO2 emission adds to Global Warming.

Governments need to make their net zero plans an integral part of their Paris Commitments.

Climate Change is here, now, but we are also here, now, and if we don't act, who will?"

Watch the IPCC Press Conference on YouTube (Skip to 15 minutes in)

Nature is a 'blind spot' in economics (Extract Dasgupta Review)

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"Nature is a 'blind spot' in economics. We can no longer afford for it to be absent from accounting systems that dictate national finances, or ignored by economic decision makers.

The long-awaited Dasgupta Review describes Nature as “our most precious asset” and finds that humanity has collectively mismanaged its “global portfolio”: our demands far exceed Nature's capacity to supply “goods and services” we all rely on.

The last few decades of human prosperity have taken a “devastating” ecological toll, and the Review highlights recent estimates that suggest we would need 1.6 Earths to maintain humanity's current way of life."

This is according to an independent review (☞ PDF) on the economics of biodiversity, produced by Professor Sir Partha Dasgupta from the University of Cambridge.

Dasgupta Review: Nature’s value must be at the heart of economics by Fred Lewsey